FN Convoys

The FN series of convoy ran from the Thames (Southend) to the Firth of Forth (Methil) and ran throughout the war from September 1939 to May 1945. The route was protected by defensive mine fields but was vulnerable to attack by U-boat, E-boat, aircraft and enemy mines.

Note that Hague used his own numbering system for this series. In fact, FN convoys were numbered 1 - 100 in repeating phases. Note also that Hague's records for this series is far from complete.

The following convoys were cancelled.

FN.13 FN.58 FN.101 FN.235 FN.369 FN.435 FN.569 FN.665 FN.976 FN.1465 FN.1615
FN.16 FN.64 FN.105 FN.242 FN.379 FN.437 FN.582 FN.674 FN.1149 FN.1504 FN.1634
FN.19 FN.66 FN.108 FN.275 FN.384 FN.514 FN.584 FN.689 FN.1150 FN.1577
FN.21 FN.71 FN.113 FN.276 FN.397 FN.522 FN.585 FN.829 FN.1163 FN.1579
FN.23 FN.75 FN.151 FN.313 FN.413 FN.528 FN.591 FN.904 FN.1199 FN.1583
FN.28 FN.82 FN.157 FN.351 FN.415 FN.530 FN.615 FN.932 FN.1217 FN.1584
FN.31 FN.88 FN.197 FN.354 FN.420 FN.541 FN.627 FN.950 FN.1237 FN.1600
FN.44 FN.99 FN.213 FN.362 FN.424 FN.550 FN.653 FN.971 FN.1239 FN.1613


Convoys 1,660
Ship Entries 15,800
Escort Duties 469





TDS = numbers of ships per Trade Division Signal.