FS Convoys

The FS series of convoy ran from Methil or the Tyne (mainly Nov. 1939 - Aug. 1940) to the Thames (Southend) and ran throughout the war from September 1939 to May 1945. The route was protected by defensive mine fields but was vulnerable to attack by U-boat, E-boat, aircraft and enemy mines.

Note that Hague used his own numbering system for this series. In fact, FS convoys were numbered 1 - 100 in repeating phases. Note also that Hague's records for this series is far from complete.

An additional FS series ran from Scapa Flow to Norway.

Note that the following convoys were cancelled.

FS.13 FS.71 FS.113 FS.275 FS.398 FS.440 FS.681 FS.946 FS.1536
FS.19 FS.74 FS.145 FS.313  FS.414 FS.485 FS.686A FS.1004 FS.1801 
FS.22 FS.87 FS.157 FS.326 FS.415 FS.616 FS.743 FS.1110
FS.23 FS.89  FS.213 FS.350 FS.420 FS.633 FS.757  FS.1374
FS.33 FS.102 FS.232 FS.380 FS.430 FS.634 FS.871 FS.1405
FS.55 FS.104 FS.240 FS.393 FS.437 FS.644 FS.913 FS.1529


Convoys 1,778
Ship Entries 18,448
Escort Duties 732





TDS = numbers of ships per Trade Division Signal.