Port Arrivals and Departures

This section lists the records of ships' arrival and departure dates for various ports collected by the late Arnold Hague and his co-workers. The convoy database provides much information on ship movements but many vessels sailed independently rather than in convoy and thus their voyages are unrecorded in the convoy database. Much of the information for 'Independents' is contained in the records maintained by the various port authorities which are presented here. However, it should not be inferred that the records are complete.

The database contains around 1,034,000 ship movements covering over 1,300 ports world-wide.

IMPORTANT: None of the data presented in this section is any substitute for obtaining the
"Merchant Shipping Movement Card" for the vessel from the National Archives.
To simplify this, use the search engine elsewhere on this site.

Data supplied by Don Kindell, extracted from the late Arnold Hague's papers with the kind permission of Mrs. Gill Hague.