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Ship Movements

J PINCKNEY HENDERSON (Amer)   7,176 tons, built 1943

Departure Convoy Arrival
South West Passage, Aug 5, 1943 HK.115 (Galveston Bar - Key West) Key West, Aug 7, 1943
Key West, Aug 7, 1943 KN.257 (Key West - NYC) New York, Aug 12, 1943
New York, Aug 14, 1943 HX.252 (NYC - Liverpool)  
  In tow Sydney CB, Aug 31, 1943
Sydney CB, Nov 4, 1943 In tow Halifax, Nov 6, 1943
Halifax, Jan 10, 1944 In tow New York, Jan 14, 1944

J Pinckney Henderson was lost in the N. Atlantic on Aug 19, 1943 whilst sailing as a part of convoy HX.252.
Cause of loss: COLLISION.

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Data supplied by Don Kindell, extracted from the late Arnold Hague's papers with the kind permission of Mrs. Gill Hague.