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11. Convoy OB 290 reports -
...Signed by Captain J. Olsen Admiral R. A. Hornell 's Report Diary of the three attacks on Convoy...Convoy OB 290, 26th Feb. 1941: All times are BST (British Standard Time). The first intimation...and with full appreciation of the difficulties confronting the escorting light craft, but in... - 19k - 2007-04-26

12. Convoy SC 48 page 3 -
...from Roger Griffiths (his source: Public Records Office, Kew) This was Commodore Elliot 's first...addressed to the Senior Officer of the Escort who holds the requisite cyphers. The Commodore is... - 3k - 2005-07-22

13. Convoy TM 1 -
...Wedel , Vanja and Norvik. The ship was the Royal Dutch/Shell Oil Tanker Cliona. Along with...with Cliona were the British vessels British Dominion, British Vigilance, Empire Lytton and...registered Norvik with a mostly Norwegian crew. This vital convoy made up entirely of oil... - 1k - 2005-07-23

14. Convoy HX 252 -
...Glenbeg general Jamaica Producer refrig. - 48 passengers John A. Brown Tanker W kerosene - gas...Tanker B - gas Daghestan grain - general Eclipse Tanker W - gas British Harmony Tanker W - gas...passengers Thomas Lynch general Tropic Star general Jim Bridger general Kentuckian general -... - 14k - 2007-04-26

15. Convoy ON 145 -
...station 82 for St.John N.B -Torpedoed and sunk by U-518 with the loss of 22 lives. The British...British British Promise in station 61, bound for New York for orders, but after having been...Baywater , New York for Curacao. The American Gulf Hawk , New York for orders. The American Gulf... - 3k - 2005-07-22

16. Convoy ON 202 / ONS 18 -
...Weld Eugene Field James Smith Frederick Douglass Alcoa Leader James Gordon Bennett Edmund Fanning...Esso Concord G. Harrison Smith Wallace E. Pratt Axtell J. Byles Esso Montpelier Cavina loss. The American James Gordon Bennett was damaged by U-952, Sept. 23. The combined convoy... - 22k - 2005-10-11

17. Convoy HX 208 report -
...64 44W. HMS Ripley joined. The speed of the convoy was reduced to 8 knots owing to Athelprincess...Athelprincess which could not keep up. Am sending her into Halifax. No air escort. Exercised...had to haul out and restow cargo. In a real winter gale the convoy would have been badly... - 10k - 2007-04-26

18. Convoy HX 251 -
...Meeus Fagerfjell Ville d 'Anvers Heranger Delftdijk Reinholt Buenos Aires Emma Bakke...Leerdam Tai Shan Kaldfonn Meline Murena Hawaiian Daniel Drake George H. Pendleton John...Edmund Fanning Amelia Earhart Aldebaran Peter Cartwright John P. Holland El Oriente Champ... - 12k - 2006-09-12

19. Convoy HX 235 -
...Walton Walter Jennings J. H. Senior Vermeer Sandanger Vanja Salamis Wendell Phillips El...Pan-Delaware Paul H. Harwood Permian Toltec Emma Bakke Noreg Petter Maaskerk Fagerfjell Meline... - 1k - 2005-07-22

20. Convoy HXF 7 -
...Richepanse (Fr) J. H. Senior (Pa) San Ambrosio Pacific Pioneer San Pedro... - 1k - 2006-11-04

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